Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thanks for finding and joining me here! I'm starting to develop my garden/landscape/house plans- I AM a planner, after all!- and am wondering if anyone has experience with Free or otherwise software, or a guidebook, to use as I get started?
My first projects, other than getting some Green Peppers planted, are 1) remove the grass along the outside of the property and replace with a nice groundcover 2) basic stone footpath around the house to Poetry Corner, Woodlands, and thru the Orchard up to the garden and Garden Cottage housing the community Toolshed and bicycle repair center.
Eventually, as resources permit, I'd replace the stepping stone pathway for a nice gravel walk like this (above).
Thoughts, comments?
Also will be developing a Five-Year plan, so any help on prioritizing projects would be appreciated!

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